• Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Subject to the End-User License Agreement,  Fincontrollex provides a license to the product only on condition of User registration. For registration, the User has to provide his/her e-mail address. This requirement applies equally to both the full version and the trial version of the product. After an e-mail address registration, an activation key will be send to it. Using the key, the User can activate application through the online or offline procedure.
Online activation is a way to activate a licensed copy of the product on the Fincontrollex server via the Internet. This way of activation is preferable, as it allows you to activate the product quickly and with minimal effort.
Offline activation is a way to activate a licensed version of the product with no Internet connection. Offline activation may be used when no Internet connection is available on PC where this software is installed. For example, if firewall, system safety policy or proxy server disables any Internet connection for third-party applications.  Offline activation allows using any devices (with available Internet connection) to obtain user license file and then activate this license file on PC with no Internet connection.
Attention! You need to obtain a license key prior to installation process.